Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sterling Silver: Walkoff Win o'er Chisox is "safe and secure!"


dadlak said...

John said that the win allowed everyone to "go home safely". Do the players tend to hurt each other or themselves after Yankee losses? The fans?

Or is all of this thing we call life just a lead-in to a New York Life commercial? If so, the IIH masthead needs to include a "safe and secure" message. Otherwise your readers may get worried about the safety and financial security of their loved ones.

Mike said...

That is the worst lead-in I've ever heard. So the Yankees winning it is really just a tie-in to life insurance? Maybe we should be rooting for the New York Insurances, not the Yankees.

dadlak said...

Or the New York Lifes (Lives?) Driven By Jeep