Saturday, August 22, 2009

World Exclusive: Joba is going back to the pen!

No, not to visit his mother.

According to the Yankees brain trust, he'll be restricted to six more starts this season. Do the math (I can't be bothered).

He's not going to get a start during the post season. He'll be part of an "all hands on deck" bullpen.

Just you wait and see.

Developing. Must credit "IT IS HIGH..."

And check out this lovely work of art, while you're here.

Click on the image to visit the artist's online gallery. (Boobs!)


Anonymous said...

This site is so tedious. What a pack of morons you guys are. Just go away and fucking die.

Whitey Fraud said...

It's great comments like this that keep this blog rockin'.

You are awesome, Mister A!

We'd like to invite you to become a regular contributor here, Mr. A.

We could call your section, "View from The A-Hole."

Whaddaya say?

JohnF said...

Is there a bigger loser in the internet universe than the shit-talking jerkoff who won't even give a real name?
I say no.

unanimous said...


Gringo Starr said...


Anonymous said...

You people are morons.

Whitey has probably been sitting on that picture of Chief Chamberlin w/ nipple ring for months and your talking about one of me?

Where in the fuck did that picture come from?

Whitey Fraud said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, "View from The A-Hole" is now LIVE.

And, he apparently can't read. Or his/her/its comprehension is low.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say how did you find it.

Whitey Fraud said...

Got it from your mother.

Or was it your sister?

No, your wife.

Consistent Alph said...

Jpba always should have stayed as our 8th inning set-up guy. Then, replaced MO as closer.

Now he is useless.

Anonymous said...

Whitey why are you so mean to me? Im not the same Anon that posted the first comment here.

I thought we were friends........

Whitey Fraud said...

I apologize for the intemperate remarks to my anonymous friend and urge the adoption and use of a name.

To the other one: Do you have any nude pictures of your mother?

Would you like to buy some?