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Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Things John Sterling would say in a hurricane

1. It is high, it is far, it is... A FUNNEL CLOUD TOUCHING DOWN!

2. You're on the ark, Teixeira!

3. Robbie Cano... can't cha row?

4. That was the 15th death of this storm, and a 15-minute call to Geiko could save you 15 percent on car insurance.

5. Curtis Granderson hits one! Oh, the Grandy Man swam, ohhh, the Grandy Man swam!

6. Suzyn has just been carried off by a large tsunami. I'm sure we'll hear all the details in her clubhouse report.

7. An A-bomb from A-Rod... Hurricane Alex conquers again!

8. It's the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. I've been there. It's like college campus - with boat access!

9. That wind gust came in at 100 miles per hour. Time Warner Road Runner can give you that kind of speed...

10. Ballgame over. Yankees swim. Thuuuuuuh Yankees swim!


Anonymous said...

You can't predict the weather.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this storm AAAMAAAZING?

Anonymous said...

where ate my azure blue skies??

Anonymous said...

correction where ARE my Azure Blue skies? Pass me a Dewars, suzyn....

Carlos Siiiilva said...

No Lowe's reference?

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Irene...who but?