Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Football Giants might sign Mark Prior

Breaking — News that veteran comeback Yankee Mark Prior has tweaked another somethingorother in Tampa could mean NY Football Giants coach Tom Coughlin has found his new cornerback.

“If he’s hurt, or can get hurt, he should be a Giant,” Coughlin said Wednesday, after watching the latest meatwagon cart off members of the once (2007) vaunted defense. “Right now, we are trying to assemble the greatest list of excuses to suck in the history of the NFL. We have 289 right now, and we’re shooting for 500 by opening day. Fortunately, we have the Jets-Giants exhibition bloodbath coming up. That’s usually good for at least 10 broken bones. But, hey, it’s a fan fave.”

Prior’s entire baseball career has been plagued with injuries, and this year he barely made it out of Tampa – a record that made him the talk of Giants training camp.

“Just heard the news,” tweeted defensive tackle Justin Tuck, after just hearing the news. “Team coming together – in the infirmary.”

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