Saturday, August 20, 2011

Did The Yankees Cave To The Tea Partiers By Signing Aaron Laffey?

According to Cliff Corcoran, the signing is baffling in regard to Laffey's abilities
In terms of stuff, he’s a soft-throwing sinker/slider lefty, whose four-seamer averages just shy of 88 miles per hour per Those sinkers do get him a more than average amount of groundballs, which is how he avoids getting murdered, but he has also had a high batting average on balls in play rather consistently throughout his career, so expecting some correction on his current .320 BABIP is likely misguided. Laffey gives up a ton of hits, and this year has found a way to induce both ground balls and home runs, which is a neat trick, but nothing you want to see performed at the new Yankee Stadium.
Shown on the left as an Indian demonstrating his curve ball grip and its corresponding effect on tax rates and revenues. The Laffey curve has been a hallmark of right wing economic thought.

The curve suggests that, as taxes increase from low levels, tax revenue collected by the government also increases. It also shows that tax rates increasing after a certain point (T*) would cause people not to work as hard or not at all, thereby reducing tax revenue. Eventually, if tax rates reached 100% (the far right of the curve), then all people would choose not to work because everything they earned would go to the government.


Rick and Katy Perry said...

This is a team we can support!

Unemployed Yankee fans said...

Laffey and his curve both suck

The Colonel said...

Now I see how we'll get $2.00/gal gasoline. I knew Bachman knew what she was talking about.