Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Case Anyone Has the guts To Review the Files....

An elephant never forgets.

So Joe Girardi must not be an elephant.

How many times ( perhaps every week?) have I begged, ranted, cajoled, and raged that AJ Burnett should not be in our starting rotation?

Is anyone listening?

Is there a hurricane on its way ?

What does it take?

How many games must we give to this bum, just because some idiot signed him to $81 million Yankee dollars for life?

He should stop cutting his hair and start cutting his pitching arm off.

Then, we can respect him as an artist.

Soon, you say, August will be over and Aj will be primed for the stretch run and playoffs.

Elephant dung.

Sit this bum.

Let him be our designated pinch runner.

Try to remember what his record is.

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Suzyn's Bitch said...

No more. God, please, make it stop!