Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tex: All Or Nothing At All

 Yes he did finally hit a clutch HR yesterday but increasingly it seems to be All or Nothing At All

All or nothing at all
An opposite stroke RBI never appealed to me
I'll bat into the shift though it never will yield to me
Then I'd rather have nothing at all
All or nothing at all
It's either a HR and there ain't no in-between
Why begin and cry for something that might have been
No I'd rather have nothing at all
Please don't put your hopes so close to my stroke
Don't smile or you'll be lost beyond recall
The tears in your eyes the screams from your throats makes me choke
And my heart may grow dizzy and fall
And if I fell under the spell of your call
I would be caught in the undertow
So you see I've got to say no
All or nothing at all 

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