Thursday, August 18, 2011

KC umps -- a/k/a the Rodney King jury --screw us out of rightful victory

Excuse me, but wasn't the home run instant replay supposed to keep this from happening?
Oh, wait... I'm sorry. I forgot: The instant replay was instituted because of concerns that Yankees might receive a home run that they don't deserve.

Screwed. Beaten by the authorities. And preserved for posterity.

Today, MLB has found its Zapruder film, its smoking gun, the tape that shows Billy Buckner's - shit, I mean, Butler's - ground-rule double turned into a home run because of the seeing eye dog blind spots of the KC umpiring staff.

Presumably, they looked at the tape 20 times. They saw the ball hit the wall and bounce back onto the field. Like the good citizens who saw Rodney King provoking the LA cops from his catbird seat on the pavement, they then ruled the ball was a home run.

People see what they want to see. Except on this blog. Here... we only see... THE TRUTH.

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