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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who cut it... John, Suzyn or Mark Feinsand?

We report. You decide.


Jack The Ripper said...

Big Mark seems perfectly capable, but judging by the hint of laughter in Suzyn's coverup conversation starter I would say John cut it.

Al Roquefort said...

What kind of cheese did Hughes cut tonight?

Mark said...

Someone forwarded this to me after seeing it on Twitter and it's actually quite funny. The moment the noise happened, I knew someone would post something like this. I actually figured I would get a call from Boomer and Carton, who once reported vigorously on the same topic.

Here's what happened ... During the fifth inning, I am wearing headphones with a long cord that looks like an old-school spiral telephone cord. I am also holding a mic with a long, straight cord. Picture the mic cord running along side the spiral cord and the sound that would make. Now go listen to the audio again. It sounds an awful lot like someone broke wind, but in reality, it's nothing more than two cords crossing each other. Sorry to ruin the fun, but I figured I would let you know the truth and take everyone off the hook for something that never happened.

Enjoy the blog. Keep it up.

Dennis Eckersley said...

I'm the King of Cheese.

Mustang said...

Great comment, Mark. Or Not-Mark. Whatever. Great comment.