Sunday, August 28, 2011

John Works The Room

I wonder whether he dined with Suzie and Carlos Siilva?
The Prime Rib in Mid-Town-Belvedere saw its Saturday bookings halved, according to the restaurant's general manager, David Derewicz, but he was happy with the results. "The phones were busy," Derewicz said. "We have customers you can set a clock by. In a few cases, the husband had found out the wife had cancelled and called back in to remake the reservation." One of the guests on Saturday night was veteran Yankees radio announcer John Sterling, who phoned in his reservation on Friday night after learning that he'd be getting a rare Saturday night off. "He called us "the safe, friendly and reliable enclave of the Prime Rib," Derewicz said.


David Derewicz said...

John dined with Joe Franklin and some other of his old friends from his early days in radio

David Derewicz said...

John got 15% off his bill for promoting us.