Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yankeetorial: Six things we cannot say about this three game series at Fenway

Minus Arod, Yanks downgraded to tropical storm... But still could do major damage in New England

Badaboom. Yes, today we follow the lead of Irene, who took a season to arrive, brought more hype than wind, but when she finally performed Rigoletto - cried so intensely that we still need buckets. Badaboom.

Well... what to say? It's finally here. How about Six statements we cannot make about this series:

1. The games are critical. Hell no. This series is equivalent to Monday night's Giants/Jets exhibition: The winner gets bragging rights. Nothing more. By October 1, this set - unless it causes an injury - will be forgotten.

2. CC must show Boston he can beat them. Sorry. But he can beat them. He knows it. They know it. He's CC Sabathia, for god's sake. He has nothing to prove. In fact, the more he struggles against them, the more nervous every Redsock fan should be. Think Kenny Rogers against us in the 2005 (?) post. Of course, we want CC to pitch well. Prove himself? Get real.

3. AJ's post-season rotation spot is on the line. This is a joke, right? There is no way - shy of a breakdown of five other pitchers - that AJ Burnett will start in our postseason. That ship has sailed. (Oh, sure, he could throw 30 shutout innings! Why don't we also imagine the Easter Bunny rising from the sea and ending casino gambling!) After the Redsocks hammer him, as we know they will, Girardi will lower the boom. That's good. AJ needs a week off to clear his head. But it's probably not mental and a case of guts. The guy is old and whip thin. His arm might just be pitched out. Instead of calling him names, let's accept that.

4. We really need Arod back. No, we don't. Eduardo Nunez is hitting just as well as ARod was, while injured. Recently, we have played better without Arod. Yeah, we need Alex sharp in October, but the team might even be looser without him, while he struggles. At least without him, we have an excuse.

5. This is a glimpse of the playoffs. Oh? Why would anyone think so? The winner of the AL East will likely face Detroit in a five game series. That's Justin Verlander twice. The loser probably faces Texas. Boston kills the Rangers. We have a score to settle with them. The AL playoffs will probably be Detroit v. this winner.

6. This is the lineup to play in October. No, it's not. By this weekend, Jesus Montero will be getting his shot at DH, and probably a few games catching. He's hot in Scranton. If he just goes once around the league - think: Shane Spencer, Kevin Maas, or (going way back) Bobby Brown  - the Yankiverse will go batshit crazy. Every Jesus at bat will be special. Savior or false god? It wil be fun. Once this team gets Jesus, everything will change. We shalt be transformed. And Boston? They will be the same - whatever that is.


alph said...

Sorry to object but;

1. Girardi will keep throwing AJ out there.

2. Girardi will keep DHing Jorge.

3. Jesus will get one at bat that matters, following his September call-up.

If he doesn't hit a home run, Girardi will not give him another at bat until we have a 13 run lead in the 8th in some meaningless game. Jesus will not be on the post-season roster.

4. A-Rod will be 1-19 whenever he returns.

Joe De Pastry said...

Anybody still think A-Fraud is going to pass Bonds' career HR total?
I want Andruw Jones in the game against every lefty starter and reliever this series and the rest of the year.