Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Exclusive Photos From A Virginia Yankee In The Devil's Court

I guess this is evidence of how they pound C.C. in Boston.
From the Colonel who was at Fenway last night.
Never having been there, the ballpark was nice and cozy. Real cozy as the seats were tight.
Sat past first base more towards the Pesky Pole. Surprised how quickly right field flares out.
Fans were too busy eating and moving, almost as bad as Anaheim. Disappointed with the fans as they did the Wave continuously in the eighth inning. Thought that was passe. Very disgruntling for them, especially as TB was scoring three runs.
Most disappointed in the replay operator. Never showed anything of worth. Saw lots of foul outs and pop ups, but not Jennings catch in the first inning, Varitek's error at the plate, the double steal in the eighth, Pedroia's diving catch to save a run, OR the 5-4-3 triple play the Red Sox pulled off. They showed a Dwight Evans montage since he was at the game.
Didn't get (too) berated for vehemently rooting for TB, even with my buddy wearing a Jeter road uniform sitting next to me.
Good time though since the SBs lost.

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