Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jorge ties Shelley... but only in home runs

Jorge Vazquez, the Mexican Masher, is moving into Yankee farm iconic status - (thinking Kei, Bam Bam, Bye Bye, Tucker Ashford) - with his 30th slam last night at Scranton.

But before Jorge passes Shelley, let's remember Duncan's great time as a Yankee. For starters, he was the hero who stood up to the Tampa Ray hate machine after one of their thugs cheapshotted Francisco Cervelli at home plate in an exhibition game. Remember this testicle-crushing slide into second, which launched our brawl?

He was also the guy who signed the card for this young Redsock Hitler youth, probably now a trustee in some Mitt Romney PAC. Remember the scandal?

 Shelley Duncan once tweeted that the movie "Land of the Lost" wasn't worth the price of admission. Dammit, he was right! He saved me $10. He once homered in the ninth to tie Baltimore, and even though we lost the game, I'll always remember the smile on his face in that moment. Nobody ever deserved to be happier.

And whenever the Yankees neared a brawl, John Sterling pointed out that Shelley Duncan was standing guard around A-Rod.

Vazquez may tie his HR record. In my book, he'll never replace Shelley D.

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