Sunday, August 21, 2011

The worst site in the world: Declaration of war

We always intended to be the worst sports site on the Internet. Nothing of value. No information that wouldn't be suspect. We would simply post to see ourselves post, to validate our pathetic lives in a way that alcohol and lead-based paint chips fail to quench.

But we are not the worst, thanks to
Bleacher Report.

Every day, somebody writes a different piece, usually in the form of a slow-moving slideshow, describing some move the Yankees should make
and taking themselves seriously.

This one argued that the Yankees MUST have Ubaldo Jimenez. It would have traded our farm system.
Here's a great one: On a pro-Yankee site, the fan argues why - without any evidence - Alex Rodriguez should be suspended. There was a story on the wires. Suspend him. Kaboom.
Here's one: Exposing the Jesus Montero fraud.
Uh-uh. Apparently, Jesus Montero faked the World Trade Center bombings?

And here's a great one: Another celebration of the 1927 Redsocks.
I think Boston leads all of baseball in the number of Hall of Famers whose heads are cryogenically frozen and used in games of croquet.


Bleacher Report must die.

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JM said...

Yes! Death to the bozo blogs!!!!


(I had more exclamation points, but I couldn't pull the trigger. It just seemed....wrong.)