Thursday, May 31, 2018

Isn't It Becoming Obvious...?

In a conversation with myself, during last night's game, I observed the following:

Scene I - Tyler Austin come to bat with runners on and strikes out.

Scene II - Tyler Austin comes to bat with runners on and strikes out.

Scenus interruptus - I mention to El Duque and Mustang ( via text ) that, " if tonight, Tyler Austin earns the golden sombrero, he should go back to Scranton and Red Thunder should be brought to NYC."

Note to editors :  my observation generated no response.

Scene III - Tyler Austin strikes out.

Scene IV - Tyler Austin strikes out.

Here is my thinking.

Tyler is  "once in a blue moon" good for a monster home run.  The Yankees take to homers like recluses take to chocolate.  The Long Ball dominates their thinking, and clouds their vision.

Many felt that Tyler should have been sent down when Bird-man arrived.  Nevertheless, he was retained and the "Toe" was sent down, demoralizing me, him and the team.  Lowering our "on base traffic potential" for a potential HR ( don't we have enough guys who are supposed to hit HRs?).

Don't get me wrong;  I like Tyler Austin.  He is a much better first baseman than I imagined.  But he cannot hit.  Seriously, he hits fastballs and mistakes, from lefties.  Sometimes.  Even the Yankees hesitate to put him in there against a quality right-hander.  The advantage of only hitting against lefties hasn't gained us much. Austin still bits to a low BA and lower on base percentage.  It is his HR total and resulting RBI total that kept him here.  But it has been a while since he has helped on offense, and added to those totals.

He did last night that which he will most always do.  Swing at the air.

 Walker is not quite as good at first base as Tyler, but not so noticeably different that he can't be a capable back-up there.  And he usually makes contact with the ball, when he comes to the plate.  In other words, he is a better option.  As is the other Austin, by the way.

Meanwhile, we need a way to get Clint Frazier up here, and to see him perform.  If we do that, I think he will force his way onto the team.  And take himself off the, " what meat do we have to trade for some blubber," table.

 Get him into Boone's hands and out of Cashman's.

Tyler Austin is still young and has earned some bones.  Other teams might like him, and he might still become a regular as a Yankee, given Bird-man's proclivity for the DL.  But first, he needs to become a more reliable hitter against righties and lefties.

For the moment, the team gains a lot with the move of Austin to Scranton, and Frazier to NYC.

Let's make this change.

Prove me right.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Hear, hear! Particularly now that my wee friend Mike Ford seems to have fizzled.

Carl J. Weitz said...

100% right on, Alphonso. Austin is more like another Mark Reynolds or Joey Gallo than he is a a consistent contact hitter. Or even a frequent contact hitter. If he played in a bigger ball park, his HR total would be cut in half. The Yankees have more than enough power hitters. What they need is someone who can either move the runner over or get a hit while contributing more often on defense. Come to think of it, Austin would be a great fit in Camden Yards. Perhaps we can get Blier for him or if Britton is healthy part of a package for him as a playoff rental. Surely, the O's have no need for Zach Britton at this point in time.

Yankee7 said...

Alphonso, your absolutely right. The team, the dugout and the locker room need "TOE" back home. He takes Austins place. Clint is good but not to replace Austin. He should ultimately replace Hicks who at best is an OK 4th outfielder. Wonder if Stanton would OK trade to SF with a couple of other prospects for Bumgarner. If so would create the opening for Frazier.

TheWinWarblist said...

If only you ruled the world ...

Rufus said...

Austin seems to only play well when he gets significant regular playing time. That's another reason to send him down. I don't see Frazier being called up though. More likely Sgt. Hulka or Drury.
Frazier seems like the real deal, but I don't see a non-injury related path for him to get called up. Too many outfielders.

Unknown said...

COMPLETELY agree! And they better hope to fix Sanchez FAST! The man can't catch or hit...only throw.

Leinstery said...

Coops has a steamy love affair with Hicks, Clint is never going to get a shot as long as Hicks has a pulse. Tyler Austin, outside of that time he hit a homerun off of Chris Sale, have you ever truly looked at him and thought he'd be the one to man 1st base?