Friday, May 18, 2018

Should There Be Clear Skies In KC......

Here is how we all shall about 9 hours:

Still wondering when they will open the cell doors.

Did some bureaucrat mis-file my papers?

Can a parole board change it's ruling?

Everything here is fucked up, so why will this work?

Who still wants to shiv me?

They said I would be released in time to :

1.  Get driven to a bar with a TV
2.  See the game
3.  Get shit-faced
4.  Eat pickled eggs and the new slim Jims.
5.  Have a salisbury steak with gravy
6.  Punch some asshole in the face
7.  Get pissed at Giancarlo for striking out with runners on second and third
8.  Try to make a date with a blonde
9.  Get thrown against the wall by her boxer boyfriend who works in the kitchen at the prison.
10. Get arrested for DC ( disorderly conduct)
11.  Miss the Yankee comeback.
12.  Wake up in county jail

They are wrong.

I will watch the game in peace and quiet.  It will be like a day at the beach.

Unless it rains.

Afre we finally free?


Local Bargain Jerk said...

According to one of your earlier posts, I believe Step 7A should be to throw tracks in Stanton's driveway.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

This week has been brutal, absolutely BRUUuUuuUUTAL!

Mustang said...

There are new Slim Jims?

KD said...

Didn't you hear about the new Vegan Slim Jims?

Alphonso said...

Mustang....they say "new" on the package. Better mustard. More beef lips. Chewier outer skin. Longer ones that stick out of your back-pack. One stick can feed up to 8 people.

Not as good as our peppered meat sticks, however.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hilarious, Alphonso!

I'm now reduced to watching the YES Network, Yankees Classic of the 1976 Chambliss game.

A classic indeed. A few things standout:

—Was Sparky Lyle hurt? Though he had plenty of rest, he never got into the game. He did go on to pitch 2.2 innings of relief in the World Series, though. The truth was, Billy Martin often used relievers in weird and mysterious ways.

Lyle sat in the pen while Grant Jackson gave up the game-tying, three-run homer to Brett in the 8th. It didn't seem like he was coming in to face Brett if he got up in the 9th, which he should have.

—KC got screwed on the call at second in the top of the 9th. Nettles made a great play to glove a high, slow hop and obviously thought his best play was there. But Al Cowens really beat it to second. If there had been replay, Brett would've come up, bases loaded, with the score 6-6.

I bet they still talk about that call in Omaha.

—What an unbearable twit Howard Cosell was. Yeah, he's funny, but he didn't really know anything about baseball, and he spends much of his time telling you how close he is with the famous players, and how he's "just telling it like it is."

He actually interrupts Keith Jackson's home-run call on Chambliss to shout out, "It's gone." I'm sure if he'd been in the box with The Master he would've interrupted at, "Thhhhheeeee Yyyy—" to say, "The Yankees have won! That's it, I'm just telling it like it is."

—What an awful job by Stadium security. They had absolutely no plan to contain the crowd. It's a wonder nobody was killed.

HoraceClarke66 said...

One good thing about all the rain delays: now Coops will be FORCED to pitch some of the Scranton talent (if talent it is).

The spate of doubleheaders—and hey, the forecast for Kansas City tomorrow is thunderstorms—will force him to shuttle both starters and relievers in and out between here and Pennsylvania.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Head Caseley released.

13bit said...

A big FYI:

Rufus T. Firefly said...

LBJ gets a shout out!

13bit said...


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I never saw that original article from 2016. What's amusing is that:

    - Lonn Trost continues to be an elitist prick; and

    - The guy remembers Moon Big Papi from almost two years ago. I mean, it makes sense
      for many of us to remember it, but the fact that the writer references it as an
      example of something lunatic Yankee fans are capable of, wow, I'm seriously impressed
      at how well embedded this thing is embedded in the collective NYC consciousness.

Fun.&nbps; Thanks for sharing

TheWinWarblist said...

This is despicable. I need CC to get his mind right and for the Yanks to drop 10 runs on KC right NOW! I want to go to bed early, dammit!

Rufus T. Firefly said...


Sadly, your site is apparently an Indonesian dominos site now.

Mustang said...

Moon Big Papi is immortal.

I want a New Slim Jim.