Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Right now, the Yankees Bore Four are a blight upon hope

Somewhere out in the vast Pacific Ocean lurks a massive floating dead zone of plastic garbage, said to have roughly the same size and karma of New Jersey. Lately, whenever the Yanks mount a potential rally, leading to the meat of our order, I find myself picturing that massive, ongoing, human-made catastrophe.

It begins with Giancarlo Stanton - the 2017 National League MVP, two-time Silver Slugger award-winner and four-time All Star - who is now 2-21 (.095) over the last seven games, while fiddling-up nine strikeouts. A few weeks ago, he looked ready to emerge from his new-to-NYC-stress cocoon, as his average climbed to a level of near-respectable mediocrity. Then something happened. He has quietly reverted to the swing-and-miss boo magnet of April. I still believe Stanton will heat up this summer and carry this team. But crunching his career numbers at age 27 brings up these statistical doppelgangers - Juan Gonzalez, Jose Canseco, Daryl Strawberry and Prince Fielder. None will make Cooperstown, and all seemed to prematurely disappear. Maybe he will join them. New York is not Miami, and maybe Stanton will never hit like he did for the meaningless Marlins. Derek Jeter made his career by showing great baseball acumen. Maybe he knew what he was doing by jettisoning Giancarlo at the top of his game.

Our recent dead zone continues with Gary Sanchez, who is 1-20 with eight strikeouts over the last seven games. Last night, with the winning run on third in the ninth, Sanchez conjured up one of the lamest three-pitch strikeouts since - well - Canseco came off the bench in the 2000 World Series to watch three meatballs bisect the plate. Gary reached across the Hudson to flail at three curves that should have put him ahead 3-0 in the count. You can't judge a guy on one at bat. Sanchez remains one of the game's best catchers. He'll hit 30 HRs in an off-year. But that's what he might be having. 

Then there is Sir Didi, whose recent 5-25 (.200) is being YES-cheered as a positive omen. But Didi still looks like an ongoing crisis. He seems to be channeling the late incarnation of Curtis Granderson, swinging for the right field porch. His fall from grace might rival the Grandy Man's. The Yankees don't need Gregorius to hit 30 homers. They just need him to get on base. Right now, he's popping up balls that were gappers in April. Clearly, the Yankees must stick with Didi, but if he continues to regress, the once-unthinkable could happen: They might do a double-take when Manny Machado hits the July trade market.

And then there is Aaron Hicks, 2-18 over the last week. Not long ago, he seemed to be ascending with each at bat. Now, he's back to pop-ups, which the YES team dutifully says he "jeuuussssst missed." Obviously, the Yankees like Hicks' switch-hitting abilities and centerfield defense. But time is running out on the promise he showed early last year. He is becoming our Jackie Bradley Jr. 

The worst part of his meandering, shrink-wrap logjam of hopelessness? Down at Scranton, Clint Frazier is crushing pitches like never before. Since being sent to Triple A, he is 10 for 18 (.556) with two doubles, a triple and a homer - hitting .353 overall on the year. There is nothing left for Frazier to prove in Scranton. He is wasting his time, just as the Bore Four right now are wasting ours. 


Rufus T. Firefly said...

Cashmoney isn't ready to jettison Hicks, (he's one of his 'finds' after all. Plus, he's a switch-hitter, so he can pop out from either side of the plate).

Hicks seems to be an OK teammate and I've never hear him complain, but sheesh, it seems releasing him, moving Gardner to center and inserting Frazier would be a big step up.

Stanton is starting to look like a 're-sign A-Rod' magnitude mistake.

I actually thought Didi looked better at the plate last night.

Speaking of which, where the heck is UF these days?

TheWinWarblist said...

Shhhh!! Speak not of that!!

TheWinWarblist said...

The juju!! The JuJu!!!

TheWinWarblist said...

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KD said...

I tried hard to coax UF out of hiding. Sure hope he's OK.

and thanks to all who practiced their personal juju last night. we pulled together hard in the ninth and at least got the gamed tied. but holy crap, Sanchez had NO chance. NONE! dude needs a rest... Then with Chapman on the mound, our juju took a wild pitch and turned it into an out at third. I've never been so proud.

then the two rookies, Andujar and The error-prone Gleyber, came through for us in the 10th. I told Mrs. KD that these guys, these guys RIGHT HERE, are who we need in this situation. Wow!

An amazing game but The Bore Four are a serious problem. I say bring up Clint and let him play CF. NOW!

JM said...

Hicks has reverted to his career mean. Meaning, he kind of sucks offensively. Nice to see Gardner getting back to form. And Torres is just great, hands down.

How guys like Stanton and Hicks can survive with Big Red killing it is beyond me. And Sanchez looks terrible at the plate. Didi is at least showing some signs of life, but Sanchez just looks deader and deader.

On the other hand, we won. With 5 errors. With CC's 5 and 5 innings and runs. With Sanchez sucking wind. With Hicks waving the photos of Cashman with Hal's pet poodle to stay on the team. With Didi still in the woods.

And we're still only two games out.

There are a number of problems with this team at this point, but really. If they can still beat the reigning champs when they're as bad as they were last night, it's really not too bad.

Joe of AZ said...

Sanchez and his homer or nothing approach has GOT to be addressed. If Gary doesn't homer he doesn't:
Run, Play REAL defense, move runners over NOTHING ...he needs binders as his life coach

He makes jogginson Cano (may he rest in PED peace) look like Carl freakin lewis

Thames earn ur money

Anonymous said...

You know what I realized last night? Houston probably doesn't like playing us either. We scare the crap out of each other.

Also, "Bore Four" good name! My eyes glaze over when Stanton and Hicks are at bat. The other day Hicks hit one to the warning track and one of the announcers said, "Hicks just missed it." And I thought, "There's the title for his biography."

Bring me Red Thunder!

Doug K.

The Ghost of Yankees Past said...

Random thoughts or a fan:

1) Stanton is close to what we see. Look at his career stats. While his major league average is better than what he has done in 2018, his 2014 stats look like what he is doing for us this year. While he can still get hot and win some games , he seems over hyped due to the exit velocity and length of his home runs .

2) We are stuck with Hicks for now. While Gardy can play center in a pinch ,at 34 it would wear him down over the season . Add to that his arm and Hicks is a much better defensive option. Also , I am not sure Red Thunder can play center in Yankee Stadium.

3) Di Di should be fine and end up hitting about .260 . Add to that solid defense. Let Manny go some where else. If we need a different shortstop, move Torres there.

3) Sánchez looks lost at the plate. The guy needs a five hour energy drink. His passed balls continue to be a problem. My fear is they will hurt us at a key moment . So far he is underperforming.

4) We need better pitching. Our starters, other than Sevy are hit or miss. You don’t know what you will get from game to game. With Tanaka, you don’t know if you are going to get Cy Young or Sy Syms . It seems like our relievers have trouble finding the strike zone too often.

There is a lot to like about this team. It has promising young players, grit, power and good chemistry. So far a deep line up and powerful offense is covering up some weaknesses. Unfortunately it is still not the best team in the American League.

Alphonso said...

None of what we hope will happen is going to happen.

Stanton is ours for life. The issue is, he should be hitting 9th, right in back of Sanchez. ( none of that will happen either ).

Hicks will remain where he is, and get hot for a week and cold for a month.

Didi will get back to his norm ( .260-.275 ) with 15 HRs.

Sanchez can be a mental problem. He is, as you say, HR focused or not focused at all. He needs a new glove.

Torres is great, but it doesn't help if he gives up a run for every run he drives in. If he isn't better in the head and hands than he sometimes appears, we do not have the new Jeter.

Pitching is just not championship level. Although, our bullpen sometimes is ( yesterday, for example).

Red Thunder will never play for the Yankees. He is who everyone wants for their old has-been pitchers. Youth for burden.

Make Cashman look good when our lack of pitching is his fault.


HoraceClarke66 said...

I have to disagree with you guys about Sancho. Yes, the hitting spiral is a very serious concern, so much so that I found myself wondering last night if we could pry Realmuto out of Miami (probably not, if he's really any good).

But let's give Panza credit where credit is due. Far from letting his whole game dissolve last night, he made a helluva play on a whacko pitch by Machine Gun Chapman—whirled, grabbed the ball and threw immediately to third, making what was something incredibly difficult look very easy.

He has that kind of irreplaceable athleticism and arm, plus he's become very good (I think) at framing pitches.

Somebody just needs to help him pull it all together. Time to call in, say, Jorge, to quietly work with him on all aspects of his game?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Alphonso, I wonder if the Gleyber-Drury plan is the solution to both Didi's hitting and Torres' fielding kerfuffles.

I'm not ready to accept the return of old (pre-2017) Didi. I think we should give him all of this year to see if that's what we have. But if it is, then I'm even willing to risk a Manny contract, having learned nothing from Scranton, uh, that is, thinking maybe we could go more money but fewer years.

Hicks probably should go, now that Gardy is back. And I would LOVE to see Red Thunder get a shot in centerfield, at least, but alas, Alphonso is probably right.

The prospect of that deal makes me sick.

TheWinWarblist said...

IT'S GLEYBER DAY!!! EVERYDAY SHOULD BE GLEYBER DAY!!! AHH-AHH-AAHHHH-AAaAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHaaaa-ah-ah-ah-aaaaaaaaAaAaHaHaHaaaAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give Didi all of this year to see what we have? You have a giant sample size of 5 1/3 MLB seasons to see what you have--and it's not great.

The idea that Torres is a defensive liability whose defense will cancel out his offense is absurd. He is already a two-win player, and his defensive WAR is in plus territory and will only go hire. He's a kid, getting his feet wet.

Sanchez is overall an asset defensively with his cannon arm and above-average pitch framing and pitch calling. He will also likely heat up at the bat.

The hand-wringing about those two is a symptom of a chronic problem on this blog: bleat about not giving kids a chance, and then, when they're promoted, roar like Steinbrenner at his most demented if they don't play like Hall of Famers IMMEDIATELY.

Anonymous said...

only go higher, not hire--damn auto-correct!!!!

Anonymous said...

When a slumping player like Didi gets a couple of hits, invariably someone on this blog will grandly opine that "he looks better at the plate."

Just be glad that you don't have to pay money to access this kind of commentary.

TheWinWarblist said...

We are all glad that NO ONE has to pay money for this commentariat ...

Anonymous said...

When a slumping player like Didi gets a couple of hits, invariably someone on this blog will grandly opine that "he looks better at the plate."

Just be glad that you don't have to pay money to access this kind of commentary.

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TheWinWarblist said...

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