Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sonny Skies (with apologies to James "Angels of Fenway" Taylor)

He's seen fire
and he's seen Gray.
From Doug K in last night's comments...

With apologies to James Taylor, the song Sunny Skies, and anyone who ever read me advocating trading for this guy.
Sonny Gray

Sonny Gray throws for the Yankees
He doesn't know how to pitch.
He serves it over the plate or far away
We’re all in mourning
Throwing his whole career away.

He doesn’t let us down slowly.
We know we’re gonna lose in the end.
And Austin Romine non withstanding
Sonny Gray hasn't a friend.

Sonny Gray’s pitches are soaring
Over the wall in right.
I guess he just has to cry from time to time.
Everyone's scoring.
And it’s hard to win when you’re behind.

(I skipped to the end)
Looking at the baseball standings
in the morning
Looking at the trades that got away.
Wondering if where we are is worth
The things we’ve been through
Ending with a putz named Sonny Gray.

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