Tuesday, May 29, 2018

That was a big Yankee victory.


KD said...


Anonymous said...

Lesson of tonight's miracle in the Bronx: the destiny of this team, its essential life blood, its energy and style, comes with its young talent. Moral of that story: dump mediocre dead weights like Aaron Hicks, who has never been a very good player and never will be; get Clint Frazier up here TOMORROW; release roster refuse Neil Walker, and bring back Toe. If and only if Cashman gets over his past stupidities and does these two things will the Yankees have a chance this year.

Oh yeah--and it would be nice if this organization could develop some more young pitching. You don't really expect to stay in contention with Sabbathia's giant flab of a body threatening to blow out his knee with each delivery, and Tanaka's elbow ready to shear open and send his forearm flying over the backstop with each pitch. That lack of good young arms is a long-term problem, and a serious one; it won't be solved any time soon.

Joe of AZ said...

Dear Cashman: attached us a simple formula easy enough for an untrained monkey to understand.

Toe+Frazier+Monty-Gray-Kahnle-Hicks-Walker- CC's 4th innings
+163 days on DL Ellsbury... = REAL shot at World series ring

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

As I live in central VA, I watched this game on MLB. One feature: The broadcasters (specificALLY Schmoltzzzzz) interviewing G. Cole about how great the Astros pitching is.

Leaving aside the irony and misery of the 'Stros last night -- the other team commits FIVE ERRORS, and you still lose?????? -- there was this:

Not a single hint in a single question about how freaking suspicious it is that the Astros possess all of these incredibly great pitchers -- many not so damn great just a short time before coming to Houston.

I'm not saying they are doing something wrong. But clearly, they are doing SOMETHING. As a former sportswriter, I'd say it's incumbent upon a legit broadcaster (who is a former star pitcher) to FIND OUT. Wouldn't you?

Schmertz apparently does not think so. At one point, he told Cole that the Astros' starters were going to out-do the Braves starting pitching.....

....which is when I shelved my suspicions, and remember 1996!!!!

TheWinWarblist said...

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