Thursday, May 17, 2018

Misery and Boredom

Another day with no Yankee baseball.

Testing out the softness of toilet paper is about as exciting.

This is like the " all star" break, only worse.



Bad hair days.

Many delays at airports.


The bright side?

If it rains in KC, we can all watch semi-professional bowling roll-offs in Topeka.

Mine alternative choice is to induce an opioid stupor and watch Abbott & Costello movies provided by the Mustang.

Yeesh  !


KD said...

I am hoping my flight this afternoon out of NC is not delayed. gotta get back to NJ and civilization. Too many Durham Bulls fans around here.

TheWinWarblist said...

Fuck NC in the buttocks. Dry and with little foreplay.

JM said...

Too many days off. For me, not for the bullpen.

Anonymous said...

Here is a little something to pass the time on yet another day without baseball.

Garrison Keillor's version of Casey At the Bat.

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

Also, thanks for the Origin story of you and Duque. Everyone loves a good origin story. I though you were going to say that you met in a trench during WWI and bonded over your mutual dislike of that Red Sox pitcher.

Doug K.

Leinstery said...

We need a few more injuries to beset the outfield in this organization (Hicks) for Clint to rise. Although I can't help but feel Red Thunder's rise will be a monkey's paw and Judge will shatter his femur or something.