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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Crapola year notwithstanding: The Top 10 most hopeful Yankee signs of 2020

10. Regular Spanish-language announcer Ricky Ricardo filled in for an ailing John Sterling and unveiled his Aaron Judge home run call:


9. Giancarlo Stanton, even with that odious contract, still hit when healthy.

8. Zack Britton remained a viable closer for the post-Chapman era.

7. Kyle Higashioka became a starter. (Did we dream that he hit three HRs in one game?) 

6. Though hardly deserving a Gold Glove, Clint Frazier did himself proud in the outfield. (And now and then, he even tried bunting!)

5. Aaron Judge, when healthy, remained a powerful force.

4. HR leader Luke Voit showed he is for real.

3. So did Gio Urshela. (Should have won the Gold Glove.)

2. D.J., of course. (But will he be back?)

1. Gerrit Cole, worth every nickel.


Oasisdave said...

I think it's becoming pretty obvious that the Yankees aren't going to be making much noise this off-season other than 'maybe' bringing back DJ and that's even looking pretty iffy at the moment. If we lose DJ then my money goes on re-treading Didi which to me is a very unexciting prospect. As far as signing a legit starter Cashman has already hinted at possibly waiting until after the start of the season to evaluate if they need to address it. Turn out the lights on this hot stove season and get some rest guys because my bet is that you won't sleep through very much

HoraceClarke66 said...

The latest rumor mill is that we can trade Stanton for Nolan Arenado. Not possible, but we can dream, can't we?

JM said...

The curse of the 2021 Yankees is "when healthy."

When healthy, Judge is an elite player.

When healthy, Stanton can really hit.

Neither of those sentences matter, because neither one can stay healthy for more than a fraction of a season. In 2020, with far fewer games, that became a fraction of a fraction of a season.

This is why we're going nowhere. OK, this and having no rotation and a questionable bullpen and the albatross of Sanchez and Hicks in center. Otherwise, we're golden.