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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

It's Gary Day in the Yankiverse, and the Death Barge appears to be doubling down on its most disappointing player

In today's Morning Murdoch, Joel Sherman - the Thomas Friedman of Gammonites - flips a coin, and it comes up "GARY." That's Gary Sanchez, the artist formerly known as "Kraken," whom Sherman suggests will remain a Yankee after 8 p.m., when the Steinbrennerian Cards of Fate are called. 

By 8 p.m., MLB franchises must either tender contracts to, trade, or cut ties with about three dozen veterans, who are overpaid and under-appreciated by everybody but their agents.

Man the outlook towers, people. Today, at any moment, the first meaningful tweet about 2021 could trend on the Information Superhighway: Our first insight into how the Yankee brain trust will emerge from the pandemic. 

Will Hal Steinbrenner appear in tatters, unshaven, with pockets pulled and tin can rattling? 

Or will he emerge on his stallion, brandishing his checkbook like Excalibur? 

It will cost the Yankees $5 million to keep the 28-year-old Sanchez. But if they release him - finally punting on his high "exit-velo," and what Sherman calls his "hangdog body language" - who becomes the No. 1 Yankee catcher? Kyle Higashioka is a start. But they'll have to sign someone.

For whatever it's worth, back when I wrote for the Syracuse Post-Standard, the sportswriters used to tell me Sherman was the best Yankee beat reporter. Hands down. Somehow, he has survived cutbacks at the Post. My guess is Brian Cashman - whose greatest talent was always in personal politics - views Sherman as part of the landscape, a force to reckon with. So, does Sherman know what's coming? Not necessarily. And in today's write-up, he makes no certain prediction:

Do the Yankees think that the criticism of Sanchez, namely his ability to block balls, is overstated and overrated? Yes. But they also recognize, fair or not, that Sanchez’s defensive miscues and ever growing non-competitive at-bats have become a soap opera around the team. And the chances that Sanchez will make the soap opera stop – unlock the consistency that Boone spoke about – is what, 25 percent? 30?

The Yanks appear willing to play those poor odds again. 

Hmm. Well, today, we might get our first glimpse of the 2021 plan. Do they give him one more chance?  Gravy Gary... or Goner Gary? Man the towers, people.


Unknown said...

Eight and a half hours left to stop Hal and Brain from tendering an offer to the hangdog.

What hero will step up and keep them from making that phone call?

DickAllen1964 said...

Are you kidding? After Ma Boone went down on his knees and kissed the whistle last week, does anybody honestly think they aren’t going to pony up for our wannabe backstop?

ranger_lp said...

Let me add some drama to this...today is Gary's Birthday! Happy Birthday ICS.

Anonymous said...

In more important news:

"The NC Dinos of the Korea Baseball Organization have asked the league to post outfielder/designated hitter Sung-Bum Na"

I have no idea who this is but if he gets to play in America he will immediately become my favorite player.

As the song goes...

Sung-Bum Na
Every body knows one
Sung-Bum Na
Every garden grows one...

I'm hopeful his career will be better than the last player they sent here... Sung-Bum Nee.

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

Hell has given that ASSHOLE cASSman and Looney Booney more chances, why not give another loser another chance. Maybe he will grow up after all this negative publicity and get to work on his game!
-Go Yankees (despite the Steindolans)!