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Monday, December 7, 2020

My Plan To Fix The Yankees Part Three: Starting Pitching

As exhilarating as it was to watch the New York Football Giants this weekend, and it was, we still have a baseball team to take care of and, since I'm not going to write My Plan To Fix The Yankees Part Four: Catching because a two word post seems like poor use of the privilege... 

(OK,  Bonus Material:  My Plan To Fix The Yankees Part Four: Catching -- Trade Sanchez.)

Where was I...

Oh yeah, Starting Pitching.   I see it a little differently. I think we are ok.  The solution is pretty simple. We just sign two of the following free agent pitchers…

Ivan Nova
J.A. Happ
James Paxton
José Quintana

And call it a day. 

Oh wait, been there done that. Hmmmmmn. Let me try this again...

It's still doable. Here’s the thing, pitching rotations in general, and the current Yankee rotation in particular, don’t really require radical overhauls. All you really need to do is add one really good to great pitcher and everything snaps into place.

And the truth is we only need one guy and I’ll tell you who it is in a minute. (It ain’t Bauer)

A strong rotation consists of

Great Pitcher
Great Pitcher
Really Good Pitcher
Really Good Pitcher
Good Pitcher

As Senior Duque listed, right now we have

Great Pitcher (Cole)

And then:

Jordan Montgomery (5.11)
Deivi Garcia (4.98)
Clarke Schmidt (7.71)
Michael King (7.76)
Jonathan Loaisiga (ERA 3.52)
Domingo German (suspended)
Luis Severino (surgery, back in May-June)

We can lose Lasagna and King right away. Bullpen fodder. Still, too many question marks.  However,  lets fill in the model.

Great Pitcher (Cole)
Great Pitcher (X)
Really Good Pitcher (Schmidt - supposedly a number 2 asked to be a 3 or 4)
Really Good Pitcher (Devi – supposedly a number 2 asked to be a 3 or 4)
Good Pitcher  (Montgomery)

German comes back (or is traded – see below) Tanaka gets resigned (just a hunch). That’s two more really good pitchers to fill that 3 or 4 slot. 

Add Sevi who just needs to be good while recovering (in the Montgomery slot) and they are in fine  shape IF they can score an ace.  I know you are all thinking, “Duh!” but here’s the thing. It is doable.

Who you ask? 

Let's talk Carlos Carrasco. Because this is the guy we want! Young. Great. Signed thru 2023

Why would Cleveland trade him?  They’ve got other pitchers in the pipeline. He’s starting to hit his arb years and they have needs.

What will it take? 

AnDUjar. (Ouch but if he has to go this is the kind of guy you want in return)
Hicks (They really need a CF we have a cost controlled one 10M is bupkis)
German (Because he has upside and probably needs a new clubhouse and a clean slate)

And/or Albert Abreu. (Who by the way, gave up Gary Sanchez's only hit this weekend in a Winter League game so you know he can't possibly be any good.)

That seems fair. They give us an ace they get a potential star in AnDUjar, a solid CFer, and two pitchers with upside to be as good as Carrasco is now.


 Would we be happy with…?

1) Cole 
2) Carrasco
3-4)  Schmidt/ Devi/ Tanaka
5) Montgomery/recuperating Sevi

I would.  We need to find a new CF but don’t we anyway?


Alphonso said...

Doug K,

This is great work and clear writing.

But you have missed one key thing:

We have Giancarlo Stanton for the next seven years. Wars have been named after periods of time such as that.

This simply means that the Yankees don't have the money to do things right. They have the money to do things half right, on a good day.

That is wild card country, no matter how you conjure things.

My conclusion is that no matter what the Yankees do, and in what order, none of it gets us beyond the wild card.

And that's if Giancarlo consistently delivers the big hammer.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I'm very the knowledge that Gary Sanchez is playing winter ball. With any luck, he will be injured by New Year's.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Doug, I think there is a better chance of signing David Hale, Jamie Garcia & Bryan Mitchell than real life pitchers

Kevin said...

Lance Lynn to the fcking White Sox as of 10:59 pm, Monday. Damn, he was the innings eater that this team has lacked and needed given this fragile bullpen. Not to worry, The Brain's counter-intel actually caused the trade (reasons to be revealed in an upcoming book).

HoraceClarke66 said...

I'm still hoping that Gil Patterson will launch a comeback.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Kie Igawa is still hurling?
The Archangel

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

Yankees are going cheap and will roll with the pitchers they currently have because they are trying to resign LeMahieu and if they don't Yankees will still go cheap. Hal checked out his BR and is as nervous as a whore in church!

Kevin said...

Horace, why did you mention Gil Patterson? I'm curious because I grew up in Miami where he went to high school, centuries ago....