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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Time For Truth .....

Here is the hard truth:  The Yankees must realize, today, that they have to re-build this team.

Retooling and making tweaks are just lies, and we have had enough of that. 

Teams win championships with " strength up the middle."

Let's see how the Yankees measure up:

1.  Pitching - We do have an ace, but only one.

2.  Catching - Our star has shown he can't hit, throw, catch or run. 

3.  Shortstop - our young star ( Torres )  is really a second baseman.

4.  Shortstop Plan B - We have Tyler Wade...may be worth a "go."  He is excellent on defense; can run and throw and, maybe, can hit like Gardy did last season.  At best, however, that is far from a strength.  It is an accommodation. 

5.  Hicks is a " meh" at centerfield.  Good enough to start on a team going nowhere.  The Yankees need a star quality player out there.  Exceptional defense and exceptional bat. Someone people go to the ballpark to watch play. 

Overall, the Yankee's " strength up the middle " is lame as hell.

In addition, we do have a fine right fielder ( when healthy ) and a fine third baseman. We have a decent back-up catcher. We likely do not have what we need at first base, either, unless Le Mahieu stays. Voit can't run, is below the mean on defense, and does not hit for average. He is known for mammoth home runs. 

The rest of the pitching is "competitive" but that is all. No domination in the starting group or the bullpen. 

So this team has to look at itself and say, do we really want to win? If yes, they must confess to a re-build. If they continue to use the band-aid approach, and use the word re-tool, they don't really want to win. 

You don't win championships anymore, just by showing up and putting nine guys on the field. Even if many of them were really good, once. 


Anonymous said...

Al, I could not agree with you more, except I like Voit. He obviously played through a lot of pain this year. That foot injury would have put Stanton in the hospital, but Voit played through it. He looked a tad faster after slimming down and if he is over the foot injury, he is an above average 1B even if his glove is average. His Plus attitude and low salary make him an absolute keeper, unless he can be traded for a legit #2 starter with 2 or more controllable years.
Hicks, I have never liked because his great plays take place once every 2 weeks, at best, and he is one checked swing from a 2 month IL stint.
The Archangel

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

If ever there was a major trade on horizon it would be this winter for a front line SP, a SS and a CF (if they can unload Hicks). Question is will they pull the trigger or squander another year. Some have said they only need SP and SS. Either way whatever you call it rebuild or retool it remains to be seen what Yankees will end up doing.

Kevin said...

AL, that was cold, sad, and on point. IMHO, Hicks gets almost zero fan vitriol, he has missed more time to injuries in his career than "Arch" Stanton when you look at their careers, an anemic batting average (and no, "a walk isn't as good as a hit"), and his fielding stats match up with the eye test. And this is the guy Cashman gives a seven year contract too! It's amazing that an organization that has drafted up the middle positional players, and starting pitchers for over fifteen years now has NOTHING that is likely to help us in the near future. Fanboys love the idea of building through the farm, but really, money has to be thrown into free agency or else we may as well accept where we are, and have been for the past ten years. Which is 1985. OH, I almost forgot. Some people may start thinking about blowing up the team. Seriously, how in the Hell could these clowns who run this team make out at the swap-meet? Arrgh, I threwww up me hands....