Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The World According to Sanchez

So Gary gave an interview to ESPN. And these are verbatims I took from the interview.

If anyone thinks he "gets it," I would challenge that idea. Like he said in one part of the piece, when he was benched in the playoffs, he couldn't understand why and nothing like that had ever happened to him before. Ever.

And maybe that's how you get to where he is, which is in limbo. You're so good that when you stink, you don't understand why anyone would want you collecting splinters. I think that's called entitlement. Maybe not. I don't know what to call it.

Herewith, Sanchez speaks:

"I know that I can play and help the team on both sides of the ball every day." (You just don't. Glad you know you can, though.)

"I always kept supporting my team. But the reality is, they never told me why I was benched. I didn't know why I wasn't playing." (Because you sucked? Just an idea.)

"I struck out three times, but I felt like I was taking good cuts, good swings. I felt so much better. But I didn't play. And I said to myself, 'What happened here?'" (Sanchez obviously has a future as a YES announcer.)

"Everyone knows how difficult our pitchers are, but I've gotten used to it. I'm not going to tell you it's easy to frame someone like [Aroldis] Chapman or [Zack] Britton with those sinkers. It is not easy." (It's those darn pitchers, dontcha know. The fact that Higgy and Romine can do it, well, I mean, come on.)

"And towards the end of the season, I was seeing the strike zone better and I started working in some walks." (Padding his YES resume...)


el duque said...

Here's another one, where Gary wondered why he was benched in the playoffs:

"I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know why I wasn't playing, if it was my defense or because I wasn't hitting. That was what I was thinking about. So that's where you start forcing things more than you should, and that's when you make mistakes. I would have liked someone to tell me, 'This is what's happening...' But no one explained to me why."

I would have said:

"O my beloved Gary, you are our favorite Yankee of all time. We cherish you. We adore you. Nobody can ever replace you. Just standing here, I am humbled to be in your presence.

"That said, you hit .147 this year. You tied for the lead in passed balls. You strike out every third time. You swing away on every pitch. You never adjust to the over-shift. We've been waiting on you for two long, fucking years. See the bench over there? Get comfy."

Local Bargain Jerk said...

There was actually more in that interview that pissed me off royally:

     "I didn't know why I wasn't playing. In the regular season, when they sat me down, they
     told me they were going to give me two days or three days to get myself back together
     again. When the playoffs came around, when they benched me the first time, I understood
     that I was no longer catching the pitcher who was going to pitch that day ... which
     started during the regular season. After almost a week without playing... I said to
     myself, 'What happened here?'

     "What crossed my mind was that I didn't know what was going on. ...I would have liked
     someone to tell me, 'This is what's happening -- this and that,' and one has to understand
     and accept that as a man. You focus in that you have to improve this and that. But no one
     explained to me why."

My response is as follows:

     Dear Gary:

     Please see the last paragraph in El Duque's post above.

     Yours truly,

     Every Yankee Fan On the Planet

Publius said...

Are Gary Sanchez and Dwayne Haskins related?

Carl J. Weitz said...

Sanchez's replies, if he truly has no indication about why he wasn't playing, are delusional, shows an inability to self-evaluate and more importantly a deep lack of comprehension. As in stupidity. And that's how I've viewed him as for several years he's continuously failed to understand how the pitcher is trying to get him out. He doesn't seem to care and, therefore, never adjusted to how the pitchers changed their approach to his hitting strengths. It didn't take them long. What's worse is he has this arrogance and stubbornness that gets in the way of anyone being able to coach or teach him what he needs to do. Maybe there's a measure of laziness mixed in as well. But at this point in time, I see no light at the end of the tunnel for this guy.

Anonymous said...

And that article is why I do not read anything Yankee, other than this Blog, anymore. Yeah, ' I don't understand why I did not play. May I have another 5mil please?"
The Archangel

HoraceClarke66 said...

It is incredible. Mickey Mantle, who was about as immature as they come when he got to the Bronx, being a hick kid from Oklahoma, used to explode in anger—AT HIMSELF—for striking out as much as he did. Which was about 1/2 the pct. of at-bats that Sancho did, and of course accompanied by a gazillion more walks, homers, and good old-fashioned base hits.

In other words, Mickey got it.

Not Sancho.

The great tragedy of this Yankees team was that Sanchez was not peddled away for Realmuto after his first meltdown, in 2018, when the Marlins were eager to do that deal.

Most likely, Brain & Co. feared someone in the Miami organization would have revived Sancho. If so, the truly smart reaction would have been to...sign that amazing coaching talent.

But no.

DickAllen said...

I have been willing to give Sanchez the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but reading this interview leaves me shaking my head with utter disgust and I have come to the conclusion that Gary Sanchez is a...


......Since 56 said...

Sanchez shows no emotion because he has no desire. I’ve long thought these guaranteed contracts are the death knell.... he gets his money whether he performs or not. The $20 million ( or so ) that he’s raked in will buy a lot of tacos in the DR when he decides to call it quits, or is thrown out on his lazy ass. Athletes like Jeter, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady etc are in the vast minority...they are financially secure...need nothing,
but still want to kick your ass and take names. Can’t prove it, but I’ve always heard the Yankees wanted to cut Mantle’s salary in 1957, because he DID’NT win the Triple Crown ! Performance based contracts ( like we have to deal with ) would certainly help, but that is a pipe dream at this point.

......Since 56 said...

Sanchez shows no emotion because he has no desire. I’ve long felt these guaranteed contracts are the death knell...he gets his money whether he performs or not. The $20 million ( or so ) that he’s raked in will buy plenty of tacos in the DR when he calls it quits ...or is thrown out on his lazy ass. Athletes like Jeter, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady etc are legends because they are financially secure, need nothing, and still want to kick ass and take names....a special breed.. Can’t prove it, but I’ve heard that the Yankees wanted to cut Mantles salary in 1957 because he DIDN’T win the Triple Crown, kind of harsh, but performance based contracts ( like the rest of the world deals with ) would go a long way, but that’s a just a pipe dream at this point.

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