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Pauly's grand slam leads 13-7 rout
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Series tied 1-1!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Thank God We Root for Nw York

In the headline of an official press release announcing the upcoming change from the "Cleveland Indians" to the "Cleveland Mascot-to-Be-Named-Later", the team misspelled "Cleveland".

If you're scoring at home, that would be an E on the front office.


Alphonso said...

I vote for The Cleveland Major League Baseball Team. Or, TCMLBT in the tabloids.

In honor of the Washington football Team. WFT

Anonymous said...

I vote for the Cleveland Major Baseball League Team. Or, TCM/BLT on the menu!

Doug K.

ranger_lp said...

So they changed the name of Cleveland too...lol

Maybe they can be renamed the Cleveland Rockers...

Local Bargain Jerk said...

So they changed the name of Cleveland too...

Ha!, ranger_lp. Wish I'd thought to say that. Nicely done.

I owe you a beer at [you know the name of the bar] next time we all go to YS.

13bit said...

How about "The Midges"?

the Cleavage? The Carbuncles? The Clits? The Crapheads? The Cleveland Fuckwads?

I know, I know...my inner 7 year old from Yonkers is channeling through my keyboard...

HoraceClarke66 said...

Things they should be named:




The thing they will be named:


Truly. The same idiot publicist types who gave us the Philadelphia Freedom, the Chicago Fire, the Miami Heat, and the Minnesota Wild, will rename them the Cleveland Rocks.

Mark my words.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

They should go right to the bottom line and call them the Cleveland Wokes.

JM said...

The Cheap Trick theme...Drew Carey throwing out the first pitch...Craig Ferguson announcing batters...the fat gal as a ballgirl...

Cleveland Rocks it is.

Anonymous said...


The Rocks! Count me in on that. There's already a team in Colorado that uses a variation so we know it will work. Sort of like White Sox /Red Sox but with rocks. Seriously, they should do it.

Their fans could be Rockheads and wear giant foam boulders on their heads. The Midwest loves that stuff.


Yes! Offer your services as head of PR.

That said, forget the first pitch, ask Drew if he want's to be the GM. He will only make deals if the Price Is Right.

If He gets the job he could replace the foul poles with stripper poles and give the 7th inning stretch a whole new vibe.

(As an aside, Drew Carey's book "Dirty Jokes and Beer" starts every chapter with a great dirty joke. Lots of classics.)

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I HATE 'CLEVELAND ROCKS' (as a ballteam. It's a cool song.)

It's as awful as "Montreal Expos," naming a team in a 400-year-old city after a pedestrian world's fair. Yuck!

Spiders are very cool. They look cool, they do useful stuff, they are good-luck symbols in Japanese culture, and they can be deadly! I would love to root for the Spiders!

"Napoleon," as the Times neglected to say today, used to a world for the nonpareil, the very best. Napoleons would be a great team name. And "Sockalexes" would be coolly weird.

"Rocks" sucks.

Anonymous said...

Sockalexes doesn't work for me for a bunch of reasons.

Carnac: And the answer is Sockalexes.

Ed: Sockalexes

Carnac: What does Domingo German do when his Amazon Music subscription keeps playing music he doesn't like?


Carnac: And the answer is Sockalexes.

Ed: Sockalexes

Carnac: What kind of car do you punch if there's no BMW around?


Carnac: The final one!

Ed: The Final one.

(Gives him a look)

Carnac: And the answer is Sockalexes.

Ed: Sockalexes.

Carnac: What is the name of the club comprised of my former spouses who live in Los Angeles?

So as you can see, it just doesn't work.

Doug K.