Saturday, October 3, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Not happy with management

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York)
September 15, 2015 Tuesday 
Dear Editor,
I am a Yankees fan who has dutifully watched every game available to me on TV this year up to the culmination of their inevitable season demise this weekend at the hands of Toronto.
Anyone could have sealed this weekend's results in an envelope thirty days ago. It is now time to place the blame where it belongs. Surprise! The Yankees' ultimate decline since mid-August is not due to slumping players but bad management beginning with Joe Girardi. You can't accept the huge salary he commands and just sit back and manage by formula. I haven't seen an ounce of creativity or imagination out of Joe all season.
Now that it is finally over with, it's time to start thinking about management that can manage, unless you want to ignore the problem and wind up like the Boston Red Sox next season.


Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

Today's episode of IDIOTS ON PARADE

Joe Girardi's Dream Team:
Starting pitcher: Ivan Nova
Relief pitcher: Chasen Shreve

What IS it with Girardi and Shreve. Are they lovers or something?

Unknown said...

Time to move on, I agree.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

pretty pretty please!

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

From the Yankee's Web site. Do you suppose the word CARD was omitted on purpose?

"BALTIMORE -- The Yankees had an opportunity to secure home-field advantage in Tuesday's American League Wild Game presented by Budweiser, but lost the first contest of Saturday's split day-night doubleheader to the Orioles, 9-2, at Camden Yards."

I think I may have a theory about this: Chasen Shreve is a major stockholder in Budweiser (or as we call it, "Amerikanische Pisswasser").

Tom said...

Breaking news headline from the newspaper of record:
Itching to Clinch in Opener of Doubleheader, Yankees Look Inept