Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After missing his personal deadline, JP Ricciardi will be cramping today

Yesterday was JP Ricciardi "personal deadline" for the trade Roy Halladay.

As all you lady readers know, nothing -- nothing -- is more irritating than missing a -- well, you know -- a personal deadline.

Today, we can expect JP to be antsy and a bit -- well -- out of spirits. He'll be worried, doubled-over at times, perhaps crazed from Midol, and wondering what dark forces are conspiring, deep within the golden chalice of his otherwise pristine loins.

Yes, he'll be wondering if he should have ever taken that call from Brian Cashman last week, when the seed was planted for -- well -- you know.

Only our Pinstriped moms out there can fully understand the physical, mental and emotional turmoil that JP is experiencing this day -- 24 hours after missing his deadline.

Until a trade is birthed, or the Halladay situation "goes away," he will not be himself.

NOTE TO YANKIVERSE: We must use this knowledge to snatch the infant known as "Roy" from the barren seedpod of his Canadian host! We must merge modern technology with the ancient ways of human congress to bring the Toronto babe into our world... without sacrificing our own precious children!

Today! No more missed personal deadlines!

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Anonymous said...

Its a shame his name isnt Roy Ramirez. Maybe the Jays would be paying us right now to take him off their hands.