Countdown to the end of 2023 Season

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Our 52-year old catcher, whose legs can no longer carry him from third to home, is catching Joba today, for some reason. So I apparently had no idea what I was talking about yesterday.

It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. Yankee fans, I am that big man.


Anonymous said...

Nice WinWarble today!

Wondercat said...

Damn, that 2 out walk cost the warble a full second. Still a nice 5+ second job though. No need to waste a seven second yodel on that Al Central garbage anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon if youre going to use that name try and make with the hateful unfunny comments. That garbage you wrote is useless.

Anonymous said...

This is like arguing with myself.