Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are we seriously trading for a month-long CF? And could it be Vernon Wells?

That's what they're saying, if you believe their crap.

They claim Austin Jackson, who's hitting .313 and stealing bases in Scranton, is not a solid option to replace Brett Gardner for four weeks, while he recovers from a broken thumb.

They say Jackson is such a fantastic, unbelievable prospect that he must play every day.

Fine. But the other day, they sat him because... hmmm...?

Why am I cringing over the name Vernon Wells?

Toronto wants to get rid of the guy. Salary dump. I don't think anybody will take him in a package with Halladay. So...

Aww, you can't believe a frickin' word the Yankees say. Nothing. They'll claim 2004 never happened. They'll claim Pluto is still a planet. They're worse than Alphonso.

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A Level Headed Alph said...

Point Of Order,

Dear El Duque,

If you pay any attention, whatsoever, to my work, you will realize that no one and nothing is worse
than me ( I ).