Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Even Think About It, Brian. It will be more one-sided than the Santana Stick-up/Giveaway

Dear Mr. Cashman,

Do you remember when the trading deadline focused on 
Johan Santana?  The Twins wanted everything from the Yankees including George Steinbrenner's Shipping Company.

From the Mets, they took a good, defensive centerfielder
and a bag of slightly used balls.

Which brings us to today's catfight.

From the Yankees, the Toronto Blue Dogs ( Birds?) will demand:

1.  Joba
2.  Hughes
3.  Melky
4.  Cano
5. Cervelli
6.  Austin Jackson
7.  Montero

From the Red sox, the Toronto Blue Dick-heads will demand:

1.  Brad Penny
2.  Some 34 year-old A-ball back-up outfielder hitting .213.

So pay attention and go to Chicago.  

Do not pick up the phone.  Do not mess with this.

If you are bummed by the recent debacles of trades with the Pirates ( ours, that is ), don't think you can make up for it here.  Do the right thing for once.  Do nothing.

That should be easy.


Anonymous said...

When you think about it. Ajax and a bag of baseballs for Halladay would be pretty awesome.

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

Though to think, a few years ago, the Twins were asking for Wang as well in the Johan deal.

Boy, I mean I wouldn't give Chien-Ming up in that deal at the time. But anytime you bring that trade up about, it reminds me about how the Twins asked for the moon and the stars from us, you gotta think about what could have been...

Still riled Alph said...


They wanted Hughes, Kennedy ( this one, I'll happily give up ), Cano , Melky and A, Jackson also.

We should hate the Twins, forever, for trying to undress us, and then giving Johan to the Mets for free.