Friday, July 31, 2009

Boldface Lying Season Ends Tonight

With the MLB deadline for misinformation ending at midnight, general managers are working hard to state their final incredibly absurd, bold-faced, WTF?, Nixonian, outright lies.

The Yankees have had a big week, stressing that they absolutely have no interest whatsoever in Roy Halladay. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Like the Redsocks, who couldn't care less about the Toronto pitcher. Who needs him, anyway?

In fact, the Blue Jays have decided to keep Halladay, according to JP Ricciardi. He has made it clear that Halladay will stay in Toronto. Rest assured that nothing -- NOTHING -- will happen today on the Halladay front.

Because everyone says so!

The Seattle Mariners are quite pleased with their team, currently 7 games behind in that tough AL West. They won't trade anyone. Why should they?

Deadline for lies ends at midnight.

UPDATE: This post is a lie. It actually ends at 4 p.m. (Good thing I got it in under the deadline.)


Anonymous said...

...or 4pm today.

Thirsty Alph said...

I thought it was 4pm also.

I was planing to be in a sports bar drinking Jack Daniels and Utica Club from noon until 4:00pm......celebrating the end of lies.

Now, I have to stay until mid-night.

Anyone wish to join me?

Anonymous said...

So the M's want Montero for Roy Washburn.

Common up Kei Igawa! IIH IIF II ..caught's August EOTM!

Noted Alphonso said...

Washburn is now a Tiger.