Sunday, July 26, 2009

I let the team down and we lost

I couldn't drink any more of the apple wine. I fell apart Saturday.

We lost.

It's on me.

It's all on me.

Going to bed with the lead Sunday.

(What happened to Gardner? Suzyn just said he's not on the team. Gardner for Halladay, straight up?)


Wondercat said...

No, we traded Gardner to the Pirates for mayonnaise sandwich.

Streak Master Alphonso said...

I can forgive you for blowing the Oakland game and our winning streak, but only if you begin a new binge drinking streak this morning.

Apple wine is hard for anyone to take. I can only imagine that a Red Sox fan heard of your winning formula, and delivered that free crap to throw you off your game.

Go to manhattans, followed by a growler.

But go. And start now. As you read this. Now, we have some tough teams to play.