Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Sox Fan Of The Day

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Jimmymac on Twitter (found by @Jade2020, via Yankee Meg.)


Yankee Meg said...

Dude's a modern day fucking Bravheart. Thank God he has the army to march forward with behind him.

Supreme Mullah Alph said...

Can anyone truly explain any salient difference between Red Sox fans and the Taliban?

These people are brainwashed, religious nuts who are totally irrational. They believe dinosaurs lived with mankind only 5000 years ago.

They are people who bury ceramic statues of "religious icons " to help sell their condos.

They would kill all fans of baseball who are not islamic fundamentalists.

And justify it because they memorized the Quran
in Arabic, even though they don't speak or understand Arabic.

And the Quran says kill them all ( non Islamists who are, by definition, infidels ) for those who do read Arabic. Yankee fans are their first, early targets.

I just wish all the Red Sox fans would wear burkas, so we only had to see their evil eyes.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind that. Id like to see whats under this Megan Marshalls burka.

Stang said...

I wish I could say Anonymous does not represent the readers of this blog.

I really wish I could.

Yankee Meg said...


Call me.