Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's time to take nominations for July Employee of the Month

I dread this.

You can't believe how much I dread this.


Stang said...

The world is watching.

Stang said...

Phil Hughes
Brett Gardner
Peter Max

Anonymous said...

john smoltz

BernBabyBern said...

Iggy -- the ALL-TIME SCRANTON-WIKES BARRE WINS LEADER, thank you very much.

Hinske -- he's been a spectacular pickup ... as long as he doesn't play. Since June 30, the yankees are 14-3 when he sits the bench (an .824 winning pct.); when he plays, they're only 3-3.

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

A-Rod. Did nothing noteworthy on the field but he did upgrade from skanky Toronto strippers and Skeletor to Kate Hudson. That's gotta be good for something.

adam said...

Hmm.. toughie. I'm sure you'll cover the usual candidates, so I'll suggest some other weird ones.

Carl Crawford: game saving catch in ASG; winning the game clearly made the Yankees want to win the World Series, set off winning streak.

Terry Francona: Trading away shitty player (Lugo) for a shittier player (Duncan? I don't even know)

Cashman: Nothing stupid (yet)

Stang said...

Gotta second Iggy.

BernBabyBern said...

And Duque ... not to set off World War IV around here, but you need to wait until the trade deadline has passed before you put anything up to a vote, just in case Cash pulls off a last-minute stunner.

(PS: Hinske for MVB! -- Most Valuable Benchwarmer)

Stang said...

Listen to Bern, Duque. Listen to Bern. He's stepped up in this thread as the clear thinker this blog needs. You and I, the history of conflict we share... we're like George and Billy. I don't think we could figure out lunch together, you gotta admit.

Listen to Bern.

Also, I second the Carl Crawford nomination. DO NOT HOLD THIS AGAINST CARL CRAWFORD.

Anonymous said...

suzyn waldman

Stang said...

Well, Anonymous, Suzyn deserves mention nearly every month. I've figured something out about her enduring appeal, and I'll be blogging it soon.

Bern, please tell Duque that I thought of two thematically related candidates: Shelley Duncan, who quit Twitter in July after giving us so much, and former Yankee Doug Mintxyzptlk, whose tweets gave Nick Swisher the nickname he so richly deserves.

Anonymous said...

Roy Halladay.

John Henry's Plastic Surgeon said...

Without a doubt, it should be YankeeMegInPHL.

Pollster Alphonso said...

I'm thinking Papelbom for blowing last night's game against Oakland, and keeping the Yanks 2.5 games in front.

Or, Mark Melancon. He has been nearly perfect in July, hurling 2.1 scoreless innings and giving up only one single.

Or, we give it to the three- musketeers of inept Yankee base running;

The unlikely triumverate of; Matsui, Cano and Swisher. Each seems to love running the Yankees out of potential big innings, even after doing something right !

Or, Jeff Wilpon. For running such a dysfunctional organization that the Mets have not won anything while the Yankees have been foundering and failing for, oh, a decade.

Anonymous said...

Kruk for flopping his flip and saying admitting the Yankees might be the better team now that they're, you know, in first place.

Also because of the curse, which he's got it coming.