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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Ortiz apologists come out in full force: Gammons and ESPN talk about poor, poor Papi

Boy, it looked like it was painful for those ESPN (Everything Sox Programming Network) announcers to have to actually give the news. But listen to them, and one thing becomes clear -- David Ortiz is the victim.

-- The talking head lady interviewing Gammons pointedly noted that Papi and Ortiz appeared on "the famous list that was supposed to remain anonymous."

-- The first line out of Gammons' mouth? The news was shocking because "(David) and his wife, Tiffany, do so much for the community." (Funny, I don't remember any mention of A-Rod's charity work when he was named on the list).

-- The second sentence from Gammons: "I think this will be devastating to him, because David is very sensitive."

-- After grudgingly admitting that the redsocks' 2004 title might be tainted "to a degree," Gammons then gave a stirring everybody-was-doing-it-especially-the-Yankees defense: "I think that the fact is, from this era, we could probably take 10 world champions in a row, and if we really know the facts ... but that's part of the era." (The "10 world champions in a row" not-so-subtly makes sure to include at least one Yankees world championship team in there, no matter what 10-year-period you take.)


Bostowned said...

I cant stomach ESPN so I didnt watch it last night. But thanks for the recap this was hilarious!

adrian mckinty said...

The numbers dont lie. Papi is an average player until he starts juicing in the Red Sox club house and now he's back to being an average player again.

Well done Senator Mitchell for missing Ortiz and Ramirez right under your nose. Good job we have you in charge of geting a peace deal in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Ortiz is the most obvious juicer of all time.

Big Pop-up said...

Where's Lou Merloni's doctor now?

jbozak said...

In general, Ortiz is viewed with more affection than Arod, because nobody f-ing likes Arod, and people who deal with Ortiz, love the man. It's that simple. He's liked, he gets treated better. Seems perfectly natural to me.


el duque said...

I don't like Papi.

Alph is not a fan either said...

I wish Papi was on roadside bomb-clearing detail in Afghanistan.

He could wear his over-stuffed Red SOX UNIFORM.

Though I wouldn't mind having him as my pimp or drug dealer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Boston loves Papi just like they loved Manny, Pedro and Nomar until the inevitable RS /Papi divorce.

Tainted Bo-Sox said...

Check out this ESPN clip that looks at the Bronson Arroyo PED use. When asked about it, Peter Gammons just starts talking about A-Rod, and will not even comment on his beloved (tainted) Bo-Sox. The bias at ESPN is out of control.


Anonymous said...

Please. I can barely bring myself to watch ESPN Sox/Yanks games. The announcers are so busy fellating the Yankees I can barely understand the commentary.