Friday, July 31, 2009

Golden Memories of the Mitchell Report

Remember the Mitchell Report?

Remember George Mitchell, the ex-Senator, the life-long Redsock fan listed on the team masthead as a director, who investigated steroid abuse in baseball?

Remember Bud ($18 million-per-year) Selig touting the intense work of the probe?

Remember the news conferences? The Congressional inquiries? The talk shows?

Remember how the findings targeted the Yankees and exonerated the Redsocks?

Remember the fake syringes thrown at Giambi? The doctored photos of Gary Sheffield? The Bibles waved at Andy Pettitte?

Remember the chants... "Cheaters"... "Steroids"... "A-Rhoid?"

Remember Boston's joy over the public hanging of Roger Clemens?

Remember the news leak about Cleveland's Paul Byrd, a day before he faced Boston in the playoffs?

Remember the sanctimonious judgements of Curt Schilling?

Remember the joy in Boston after Manny Ramirez -- of the Dodgers -- was linked to steroids?

Remember how Yankee championships were tainted, but Redsock teams were magical and clean?

Remember all that insufferably self-righteous indignation?


Redsock fans don't.

1 comment:

Joe said...

can we get a "you used steroids" chant for ortiz when he bats next week? cause if i remember correctly, they did that to arod.