Countdown to the end of 2023 Season

Monday, July 20, 2009

A toast to the Tigers! May they play us in October!

OK, here's how it needs to shake out.
We finish one-two with Boston in the AL East. California wins the West. Tigers take Division III.
Because we can't play within our Division, we need California to play Boston in the first round, while we play Detroit.
California beats Boston in five games with two brawls and a beanball war. We take Detroit in four. Jared Weaver and Jon Lackey get swine flu. We take the Angels in five and play the Dodgers for posterity.
From there, a crapshoot.
Make it happen, Pope. Or we break the other wrist.


Wondercat said...

Haha, the Hinske Haters take it again!

Wondercat said...

Great line by Sterling on trying to predict baseball in the bottom of the sixth. "I laugh at people who try to predict baseball. Laugh! You cant do that. No one can"

Rarn said...

gotta love putting gold-glove Swisher in for defensive purposes.

Stang said...

Beautiful warble tonight.

Wondercat said...

Nothing like a monster warble followed by some great Savage Nation.

Stang said...


Pope From Hospital said...

Is " Wondercat " a pseudonym for, " incredible pussy?"