Friday, July 31, 2009

Shelley Duncan is Coming

The former -- and perhaps greatest -- IIH Yankee Employee of the Month has gotten the call.


Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to this. Lets hope he goes on another HR streak and sticks as a bench bat.

Joe said...

the manny quote today is probably the best ones you guys have ever written.

The Truth Hurts Alphonso said...

Get real, everyone.

The league has learned the following lesson:

If Shelly Duncan gets an at batr, do not, i repeat, do not throw any fastballs.

He cannot now, or ever wil, hit a major league breaking ball.

And if you think watching Nick Swisher play outfield is an adventure, this guy plays as though he is blind, on roller skates. and starts every play facing the right field wall.

The Ghost of Scott Brosius said...

Yeah, he might be a bust up here, strike out a lot, and make Swish look like Roberto Clemente, but I'm really glad that this happened. Shelley deserved this call up with the way he's been playing in AAA.

Alphonso said...

Scott Ghost,

He does deserve it.

He does not deserve what is about to happen to him.

He is likely back on the bus to Scranton already.

I hope not. I liked Cody, but he has had his shot and done little. Better he goes back to Pa. than Shelly.

BUt how comfortable can we be with Hairston ot 3rd?

I mean, is Cashman nuts?

Are we still training Pena to play outfield?

Anonymous said...

adios muchacho