Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Is John Thinking?

What Is John Sterling Thinking About?

Today, John is thinking these things (and we know he's thinking them because he keeps saying them):

  • Stars are great and prospects are garbage. If you're not smart enough to trade your prospects for stars, you are an imbecile and John can't help you.
    (Are you listening, Pittsburgh Phillies?)
  • The Yankees can't get a hit off this no-name starter for OAK, which only proves one thing (say it with me): you can never predict what's going to happen in the game of baseball.
  • You can take what's-his-name Oakland's 2009 numbers and throw them in the garbage because (say it with me) numbers mean nothing.
  • JOHN: "You gotta admit: the Yankees always battle back!"
  • SUZYN (and I'm paraphrasing, slightly): "You know how they say it's not over til it's over? Well, that's really true! It really isn't over til it's over!!"

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