Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alphonso needs to admit he was wrong about Hinske

To the Universe:

It is time for the Most Pessimistic Fan in the Yankiverse to be held accountable for his troubled words and implicated actions.

Aphonso -- who, it is true, as he has never stopped reminding us, that he predicted that Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy would not win a game last year, as he has never stopped reminding us -- has called the Hinske trade the worst thing that ever happened.

For the record, Hinskey-Pinksey has already hit 35 home runs, most in key situations, in amazing moments where the guy who just made the great defensive play comes to bat, and been instrumental in big Yankee wins. (Remember: Every Yankee win is a big Yankee win.)

But Alphonso -- whom I must say is dear to me, considering the 20 years of Yankee rants that we both endured -- has claimed The Incredible Hink's home runs have not mattered.

Is he wrong.

NOTE: This is posted while drunk and on vacation.


el duque said...

By the way, this starts my five day Yankee drunk live blog.

el duque said...

A rainout does us no good; more time for the Pope's wrist to heal.

el duque said...

Should have had a big meat tray today in honor of Mitre.

el duque said...

Let's hope the injured wrist isn't his "you-know..." wrist.

el duque said...

We got em.

Let's savor the taste.

Mmmmm. O's. Mmmmm.

el duque said...


You're a coward.

el duque said...

Two and oh pitch to Mekly...

el duque said...

Going to bed. Drinking since one. Going to bed. Mitre!

Stang said...

You did well, duque. Keep this up and HOPE Week is saved!

The Real Alphonso said...

I only wish I had been invited to the 5 day binge.

Then, we would see who is he coward. Like Tony Buzziznut of the Mets, I would take off my shirt and call you a female anatomical off-colored term.

More to the point, Hinske has not hit 35 home runs. He hit one that helped. We are 1-4 with him in the line-up, as a result.

And how is Pena doing?

Nothing. Nothing and nothing. He is eroding at AAA. He is the best friend of the Duncan flops and Kei.