Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Will Be John's HR Call For Jesus?

1. Jesus Montero, What A Blow
2. Jesus Jewsed One
3. Oh That's High On Jesus
4. Come Downtown Jesus
5. Holy Jesus, Holy Cow
6. Jesus Nailed It
7. Jesus Knocks That One Onto Heaven's Door


Michele Bachman said...

I'm coming for you Jimmie

MattG said...

If there's anything Sterling likes more than the unpredictability of baseball, it's Broadway references.

Jesus Montero, Superstar!

Mustang said...

Another smash for the Monterriffic One! [sings]"Ooooo-klahoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain..." Eau de toilette! Eau de toilette!

Sean said...

Now the 1, 2...And Jesus swings, that ball is high, it is far, it is...caught by Jesus! How do you like that?

Lyn Lary said...

“Oh, rapture!”
“Cross it off!”
“That ball is crucified!”
“Blessed be the run makers!”
“Render that one unto Caesar!”
“There’s your loaves and fishes, baby!”
“Do unto that!”
“That ball ascended into the the second deck!”
“Clean out the temple!”
“Bear witness, baby!”
“Stand up, stand up for Jesus!”
“He rocked that one for the ages!”
“Holy Ghost!”
“That’s the Spirit!”
“He baptized that one!”

MattG said...

"Jesus christ!"

el duque said...

"Monty for nothing... and the chicks for free!"

Spotswood said...

"Jesus Tittiefuskin' Christ"