Saturday, September 29, 2012

Doing the analysis: Right now, a one-game playoff would fall on Phil Hughes' shoulders

OK, get out your slide-rules, because this is technical stuff, or as the Yankiverse likes to view it: thoughtful speculation.

If the election were held today - that is, we face Baltimore next Thursday in a Division playoff - we could face Chris Tillman, coming off his legendary, one-hit masterpiece over Pawtucket. Hard to say, because Buck hasn't yet announced Sunday's starter. (Of course, if Boston plays like last night, Buck might pitch the game himself. Or maybe Betty White will come onboard to face down the mighty Pawsock machine.)

If we face Oakland in the Wild Card cup, we would probably see Tommy Milone. Tommy Milone. Yikes. WE DO NOT WANT THIS. We haven't seen him since July 20, when he pitched 7 shutout innings and struck out 10. He pitched well against us in May, too.

This is assuming - though I think it's safe to do so - the races go to the final day, and nobody, aside from Bush-Cheney's Texaco, gets a chance to set their rotations.

We could do worse than Phil. But whether it's Tillman or Milone, we'll need a RH hitter named Tex (as opposed to one named Andruw.) And when you imagine any Hughes victory, you project Joba or Logan getting the final out in the seventh, Houdini pitching the eighth and El Silencio pulling out his shirt tail after getting the save. We better have a rested bullpen.

Wait, better idea: Let's avoid a one-game playoff.


Alphonso said...

The ship is going to sink like a stone. We have win our last game.

Alphonso said...

Fuck. We have won our last game.