Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Ju-Ju ritual

OK, folks.

The Yankees are back in first for the next 6 hours at least.

How to keep this powerhouse of .168 averages on top?  Our normal rituals have topped out so I have done some research in the hopes of discovering greater Ju-Ju efficacy.

My proposition is to borrow a JU-JU ritual from the national soccer ( futbol ) team of the Ivory Coast.

To wit:

Each Yankee fan must find a way to stay in the same hotel as the Yankees before any " crunch" game, take a bath treated with various potions and then make a wish in the ear of a pigeon.

Luckily, pigeons are abundant in all AL East cities.


manx said...

Since the Yankees scored 6 runs in last night's win, use the promo code YANKEES6 online and receive 50% off regular menu price at participating Papa John's locations.

beavis said...

Having anchovies on pizza forming the Yankee logo guarantees a win.

Hermodorus said...

Sometimes, you gotta live MAS

Petronius Arbiter said...

whatever we're doing now, do the exact opposite.