Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For the first time in ninety days, at the end of this evening you will see the Yankees trailing behind.

Our fuel pump is failing and our speeding vehicle is slowing.

 Fading.  Into the horizon.

Soon we'll be a spec.  Unseen and unnoticed.

Goodbye 2012.

Goodbye the decade.


NS Webster said...

Look, I'm a Red Sox fan...I even liked your book.

But you're throwing in the towel a mite early. Even at this point last season, I didn't the Sox had any problems.

As much as I despise the Yankees, as much as I curse Yankee Stadium, as much as I wish George Steinbrenner was buried in my backyard so I could dance on him under moonlit skies, I fully expect the Yankees to get into the playoffs and probably beat some hapless first round patsy before ending the season with some dignity in the ALCS.

Baseball karma won't allow for BOTH the Sox and Yanks to stage epic collapses.

Unless...this is baseball karma's way of wiping this slate clean for good...

bennyboy said...

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

Yanks up by 2, Orioles down by 1.

Alphonso said...

Dear NS Webster,

Nice try.

You are using positive Yankee Ju-Ju to make sure the Yankees fail. As a RS fan, saying anything positive about the Yankees is designed for the opposite effect.

Given your rant about grave dancing, it is clear you would under no circumstance say and mean something sincere and positive about the Yankees.

You are not dealing with a matures here.

We see through you.

P.S. I feel the RS may yet stage a rally and sneak into the playoffs,