Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is there any reason in the world to feel hopeful about this team?

Take my hope, please. That's a joke. I have no hope. Help me believe. Give me a reason. Class? Anyone?

OK, lie. Speak gibberish. Speak cat language. Speak Girardi. Glababababababa. That's as good as anything. Wait... here's one: The Grandyman probably won't reach 200 strikeouts during the regular season! Cue the balloon drop. Grandy won't hit 200 whiffs! (If Grandy had another month, he could reach the rare 210-.210 milestone!) 

Here's one: Jason Nix is hurt, which means he can't hit another batting practice fungo and injure Mariano... who also can't get hurt, because he's already hurt! Also, Eduardo Nunez is now our late-inning defensive replacement. That inspires hope.

Andruw Jones is still our RH bat who keeps opposing teams from throwing lefties at us. That inspires hope.

Has Girardi decided whether Ivan Nova will pitch Tuesday? Whatever he decides, that'll inspire hope.

We still have Melky Mesa. Our base-stealers get thrown out, but we still have Miss-Third Melky, waiting in the wings. How old is he? Twenty five? Always great to have those young prospects down at Triple A.

We can hope the Redsocks beat the Orioles.

Ha. That's a joke. Take my hope. Please.


bennyboy said...

Since 1996, when The Captain emerged from the Heavens, the Yankees have succeeded more often than they have failed. There's your hope.

Remember: hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Remember: there can be no despair without hope.

Remember: A-Rod Rises.

Remember: If we're the wild card and we win, we get games 1 and 2 in the next round at home.

JM said...

Son, aren't you thinking this is the Royals blog? Or maybe some other sunny and perky fanbase gathering sport for some perrenial also-ran team but gee, isn't the sky just beautiful today, maw?

We've seen this Yankees picture before. At best, it ends in a first-round wipeout and a long winter. Though it might be worth watching the Nationals in the World Series just to imagine for a minute that it's the Senators.

Alphonso said...

If this team was in the International league, I could offer hope for a wild card.

But here is the truth: the moment we fall out of first we sink like a stone.

And the red socks will win games from us. Mark my words.

Here is a reason for hope: we have A-rod for 10 more years. He'll retire after a .198 season as DH with 1 HR.

bennyboy said...

THE CAPTAIN. Spare me John. The Empire doesn't bow

Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired your negativism... This is a time for blind faith! Is the only thing you are positive for is HIV?