Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It Will Be A Lot Easier If You Listen To Me

I have said from the outset, that this team is not a champion.

After watching a relatively together, albeit aging, Yankee team come north from Tampa, it was obvious we didn't have the bones to win it all.

The next bugaboo, of course, would be the plague of injuries ( which does correspond to the aging element ) about to beset us.

Some of us ( me ) had already written off Pineda and all of our so-called, " killer B's." As soon as Gardy tweaked his elbow, I knew he would be done for the year.  There is no need to mention the "karma" that Mariano's knee injury brought upon us.  The fantastic inventory of young catchers in the system melted into oblivion.

The parade of dismay and bad decision-making has continued up to and including the gallant ( though idiotic ) Texiera, who ran when he should have sat.  The tough guy who delivered us another 2
weeks ( I think the rest of the regular season, actually) of Spencer Pearce at first base.

Add this to the cast of clowns we often see in the line-up ( Jones, Nix, Dickerson, Nunez, Stewart, Rapada), and you have to know this is not a team that can win two in a row against anybody.


The red Socks sold everyone for a future and they are still better than us.

This is painful, I know.

The solution?

Just turn off the dials, email your friends, and check-out.  This Yankee season is over.  Watch football, or the US Men's Soccer team trying to qualify for the next world cup.  Soon, there will be colorful leaves in New england, and apples to be picked.

From a Yankee baseball perspective,  tonight begins a decade of misery.

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Joe De Pastry said...

I agree.
We are doomeded.
But I will watch anyway.
Kind of like during the Cuban missile crisis when I decided that if the Soviets atomic bombed us I would go up to the top of the hill in my town that overlooked Manhattan and wait to watch the mushroom cloud instead of doing the stupid duck-and-cover thing they taught us in school.