Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are we better off than we were four years ago?

In 2008, we finished third. Out of the playoffs. Dead in the water. A horrible year. We were polarized (Trade Cano? Stick with Abreu?) We faced scandal. (Sidney Ponson, really?) We were falling apart.

Have we improved?

This is the lineup from that tick-infested stable. (Note the ages.)

And the pitchers? Yeesh.

Well? Are we better off? It's the question of the year. We report, you decide.


bennyboy said...

Yeah dude. This team is better than 2008. Are you kidding? That team was atrocious. It was unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

2008 is buried deep in they way back of my repressed memories

el duque said...

We could be looking back on the final incarnation of Andruw Jones with the same revulsion.

bennyboy said...

At least the team is still interesting in September. Plus, Jeter isn't hitting into 39 double plays a week. And our pitching isn't nearly as bad. Nearly.

el duque said...

Sidney Ponson... it's not like the bar was set that high, was it?

bennyboy said...

Good point.