Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yankees 6-0 since Internet posting of stadium sex video

We wondered then if a Juju WMD had been detonated.  Consider this:

The video was filmed in a left field bleachers rest room. Since then, Yankee leftfielder Ichiro Suzuki has been on fire!

The video showed a man wearing a CC Sabathia t-shirt. Since then, CC has thrown his best game of the season!

The video was reportedly shot during the third, fourth and fifth innings. Since then, the Yankees have scored the majority of their runs in the third through fifth innings!

The video was reportedly taken outside section 236 or 237Since then, the Yankees biggest home runs have come from No. 2 position catcher (Russell Martin - walkoff), No. 3 first base (Nick Swisher - grand slam) and No. 6 (Eduardo Nunez.)

The video was reportedly made Saturday, Sept. 15 and posted the next day. Since then, THE YANKEES HAVE NOT LOST.



Ruth Westheimer said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is clear as the waters of the Harlem River that flow past Yankee Stadium that there is a direct and powerful connection here. I think all true Yankee fans are duty-bound to get it on in a stadium restroom, while wearing Yankee gear, any time the Yankees are struggling. I am wondering, though, if the power of the juju would be amplified if a win-warble loop could be played simultaneously through a boom box.

el duque said...

According to accounts, our juju heroes performed while listening to John and Suzyn on the radio. Their words can be heard on the video.

Let's hope their climax came during John's Rallye BMW Rally Point of the Game.

Aldrich Ames said...

Conversely, I believe this evidence -- nay, proof -- of the hump-back juju opens the back door, if you will, for some Redsock mischief. Sentinels must be stationed in every Stadium washroom to guard against some covert Boston agents engaging in unnatural acts.

el duque said...

Let them. For all we know, these might have been Boston agent, attempting to hex us. Considering their season, everything has backfired.

Remember when they tried to bury the David Ortiz jersey in the new stadium? They were caught, and Big Papi didn't hit a home run until May.

I say, this could be the most powerful juju bomb ever detonated. If it turns out to have originated in some Boston frat, so be it.

Alphonso said...

An orgasmabomb !

el duque said...

The Hydrogen J-bomb.