Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's time for Yankee fans to start composing our personal vendetta list for the playoffs

It's time to think October. Ahh, yes - the month of orange! Pumpkins in the patches! Leaves changing color! Arod's 0 for 15 blush!  Octoberfest.  Oompa bands.  Attack ads. Time to harvest what ye hath sewn.

Don't gemmie wrong. It's still September. We must beat Tronto, which looks like next year's Balto, and who could do to us what last year's Balto did to this year's Bosto. But with seven left, if we win five, the worst we do is tie for the AL East - if Balto runs the table. Damn. If we fall apart, we'll spend Octo putting Steinbro photos into the shreddo.

Time to think playoffs, which at this blog means on thing:


Yep. Chance to settle scores. And we're talking about Detroit, Texas and the Reds of Cinncy. Vengeance. The long, cold dagger of Yankee retribution.

Right now, we have the second best record in the AL. Last week, that meant Texas got the Wild Card winner while we feasted on the pansy-ass White Sox. Well, not anymore. Last night, Detroit passed that stopped-up restroom of a team. It's time for revenge. Detroit has had our number. Dammit. We have to figure out how to stop Miguel Cabrera and beat Justin Verlander. Detroit in the first round - VENGEANCE.

That meant Texas - our ultimate nemesis -  in round two. But Texico is floundering. We stand one game behind them for best AL record. If we can run the table in these seven games, we could get the AL Wild Card game winner - Balto or Oak. Ouch. I don't want to play either of those teams, unless the Wild Card game goes 18 innings.  Neither has a Verlander. 

So here's the deal. We need to win, and so does Detroit and Texas.

That gives us Detroit in round one.

Then Texas in round two.

Then we want the only team in baseball in history to have a winning record against the New York Yankees.

Cincinnati? It's time we had a talk.

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